Wiimotes Blessed by Straps in More Than One Color

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Surely, at least a few of you are sad that Nintendo never released the Wii in multiple colors—despite their announcement promises. Well good news! No, the Wii isn't coming in any new colors, but Nintendo has launched the Wiimote strap in almost any flavor you'd like—blue, green, pink and, uhh, white again. Available in Japan only for the time being, the safety harnesses will go for $2.75 apiece or in a variety pack of four for about $9. In other news, Nintendo makes a bajillion more dollars without even really trying. [Kotaku]


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The Sword Master

I just want wriststraps with the clicky things. I bought my Wii and remotes before Nintendo started using them. Then someone stepped on the old-type slider and broke it. It's now totally useless, but luckily I have enough motor control and intelligence to not throw the remote through the screen regardless.

Maybe if I make some friends, I'll have to buy these. A way to differentiate controllers would be nice.