Wiiwiiwiiwii Converts Wiimote Into a Beautiful Musical Instrument

A group of four students got a few Wiimotes and transformed them into a musical instrument. While we've seen other music mods in the past, this is a completely different beast. It uses a Mac interface to control the input and generate the sound, using Propellerheads Reason, and a Windows PC to visualize the instrument actions in real time. The instrument can do all kinds of things, from single-note percussion to multiple Wiimotes for melodic chords, loops and note bursts. Another demo video after the jump.

[wiiwiiwiiwii via Creative Digital Music]


People; they want you to make the jump because that means more page views which is good for advertising. Good advertising for Gizmodo is good for us because it keeps them going. So stop complaining.

The autoplay issue is a good point though.

As for the actual post content, could anybody figure out how they were defining how long to play each note? Like, to keep it from just sounding like a pitch bender, they made it so it would play a note every couple moments, but could somehow make it play the note for a long time or a short time, but I couldn't see the person pushing any buttons or making gestures or anything ...