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Will 2012-ish Be The Disaster Movie You Wanted?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Remember the disappointing heap that was Disaster Movie? For those who thought the spoofery was a bit sub-par, you're getting another chance from the supposedly clever 2012-ish. Will it deliver? See for yourself below.

This 25 million dollar movie, gobbled up by MGM, is being directed by Robert Moniot, who is no stranger to low-rent spoofs. In 2001 the director created Pearl Harbor II: Pearlmageddon, which I've included below. So watch and judge, does Moniot have what it takes to take a crack at the big-shot movies? Or should we just discontinue this genre by burying all of its writers alive? The entire title is called 2012-ish: The Day The Earth Bent Over and I hope and pray that it ends the reign of bad sight-gag comedies, opening the door for a higher class of parody, Airplane style.


The official synopsis is:

A brilliant young scientist named Tom Mahoney fights to save the planet from a multitude of catastrophes that threaten mankind - in spite of the idiots that keep getting in his way: A bumbling President, a manic-depressive NASA shuttle commander, and a sexy reporter who can't keep her clothes on.


Fingers crossed, people. Until then, enjoy Pearlmageddon:

[Via Quiet Earth]