Will a Wi-Fi Xoom Only Cost $540 at Sam's Club?

We know that a Wi-Fi-only Xoom is out there, lurking. And according to Droid Life, it's going to be showing up soon at Sam's Club for the entirely reasonable price of $540. Assuming it's a 32GB model, that undercuts iPad 2 by a cool sixty bucks.

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There are some things in the supposed Sam's Club signage that give one pause; chief among them "Android 2.0 Homeycomb." But the packaging of the actual device certainly seems legit, and a cost competitiveness is going to be crucial if Motorola wants to make a dent in Apple's tablet fortress. [Droid Life via <a href="http://www.bgr.com/2011/03/03/sams-club-to-sell-wi-fi-xoom-for-539/"]


Looks like Motorola spared no expense on its display.