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We may earn a commission from links on this page Says His Amazing Smartwatch Is Totally Real, Coming in July

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Musician/Intel employee/iPhone accessorizer appeared on a British TV show yesterday showing off his self-produced smartwatch, which he says has completely replaced his phone. If we're to believe everything we see on TV, it's pretty impressive.

This is the clip, from Alan Carr: Chatty Man, a show that I admit I knew absolutely nothing about before seeing this clip. That's still largely the case, but let's focus on that smartwatch, shall we?

Mr. says the device, built by a company he self-started and self-funded, can make and receive calls without tethering to a smartphone. He also demonstrated its ability to play music, though I have a really hard time believing the sound we heard came from Mr.'s wrists. Even though he's seemingly wearing two of them, assumedly for stereo effect.


This burly wrist cuff (or pair of wrist cuffs! Do they only work in twos?), Mr. tells us, can do everything. Bluetooth headphones! Twitter! Instagram! Facebook! Though, tantalizingly, the video clip ends before we get the answer to Alan Carr's insightful question: does it tell the time?

After the folks at Engadget found the Alan Carr: Chatty Man clip and wrote about it, tweeted at them to confirm the watch is real. He even included a helpful link . . . to the Alan Carr video.


But don't get all excited thinking you can be the first one to get what I can only assume will be called the—that honor goes to Alan Carr.

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