Will Microsoft Come Out With a Magic Mouse-Like Arc Touch Mouse?

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Disregarding obvious comments about Microsoft copying Apple in yet another way, there could be a new whizzy touch-sensitive mouse on the mat, according to some product placeholders with the name "Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse" and clever sleuthing from IStartedSomething.


Microsoft demonstrated a prototype mouse at the end of last year (shown above, on the right), which they called Mouse 2.0, and worked in a similar way to Apple's multitouch Magic Mouse, taking their already pretty-incredible Arc mouse closer to the sci-fi future.


Now, IStartedSomething.com has discovered the URL arctouchmouse.com was registered by Microsoft in March, and some Norwegian and Danish retailers have put up placeholders for an "Arc Touch Mouse," complete with model number RVF-00003 and price-tag of $70. [Priser.Teknofil via IStartedSomething via SlashGear]

Image Credit: IStartedSomething (Adapted with Giz house-font)

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The Arc mouse is simply one of the most uncomfortable peripherals I've ever used. How does this crap get through testing? Who exactly is buying these?