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Will Microsoft Come Out With a Magic Mouse-Like Arc Touch Mouse?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Disregarding obvious comments about Microsoft copying Apple in yet another way, there could be a new whizzy touch-sensitive mouse on the mat, according to some product placeholders with the name "Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse" and clever sleuthing from IStartedSomething.


Microsoft demonstrated a prototype mouse at the end of last year (shown above, on the right), which they called Mouse 2.0, and worked in a similar way to Apple's multitouch Magic Mouse, taking their already pretty-incredible Arc mouse closer to the sci-fi future.


Now, has discovered the URL was registered by Microsoft in March, and some Norwegian and Danish retailers have put up placeholders for an "Arc Touch Mouse," complete with model number RVF-00003 and price-tag of $70. [Priser.Teknofil via IStartedSomething via SlashGear]

Image Credit: IStartedSomething (Adapted with Giz house-font)