Will NBC's Day One Get A Day Two?

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Bad news: NBC's apocalyptic series Day One, which was already downgraded from an ongoing series to a miniseries, has apparently been downgraded again — to a two-hour movie.

Sci Fi Wire reports that NBC's president of prime time entertainment, Angela Bromstad, told a group of reporters that the network had decided to air only the first two-hour pilot of Day One as a TV movie, and skip airing any more for now. The pilot leaves the door open for an ongoing series, but does end with some resolution, she says, and if it does well, there could be an ongoing series in the future.


Explains Bromstad:

We looked at after V launched and after FlashForward launched with a strong initial thing. We didn't want to come on after that. As we sat down with [executive producer] Jesse [Alexander] and talked about more of the mythology, there's just concern about sustaining that.


With Jay Leno's prime-time experiment being cancelled, and NBC's scripted dramas suffering across the board, it's hard to believe NBC doesn't want to give a promising new drama series a chance. We asked creator Jesse Alexander for comment, and he says he's in "conversations with NBC regarding the future of Day One," and he'll let us know how they develop.