Will Someone Please Teach Chuck Grassley How to Put His iPhone on Silent? (Updated)

Official Worst Tweeter Chuck Grassley today further proved his technological ineptitude, when in the middle of his own speech on the senate floor, the senator's iPhone began to ring, interrupting his discussion of some unspecified "standards."

Grassley looks plainly irritated as he roots around his pants pocket for the offending device. After three rings, much fumbling, and one whispered but audible "doggone it...", the phone shuts up. And Grassley picks up right where he left off, unruffled by his own disruption.


You keep doing you, Chuck Grassley. Your foibles never fail to amuse. [BuzzFeed]

Update: The senator does not say "fuck," as previously reported. He mutters "doggone it."

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John Small Berries

As an Iowan, I am increasingly embarrassed by Grassley. It's bad enough that one of our districts (not mine) elected Steve King to the House (seriously, search for "steve king iowa" on YouTube, he's a racist idiot), but we also have to deal with Grassley making us look technologically clueless. Our other Senator, Tom Harkin, is a much more capable person.