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Will We See a Microsoft Phone This Month?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Microsoft says absolutely not, but an analyst memo posted on All Things D claims we could see a Microsoft phone at Mobile World Congress later this month in Barcelona. Updated

Update: Zune Marketing Exec Brian Seitz says he's heard nothing about a Microsoft Branded phone launching at any upcoming shows, which seems to rule out the possiblilty of it being a Zune Phone, if anything at all.

MSFT Smart-Phone Launch? Multiple industry sources are telling us that MSFT is planning to launch a smartphone. We are told it will be a 2H launch. We do not see this as landscape changing, much like their Zune launch.


According to the memo (excerpted above), written by Analyst firm Broadpoint AmTech, the phone would hit the market in the second half of 2009, and the project it would not overtake the established players, such as Apple and Blackberry, as much as it would flush out the small-time smartphone manufacturers.

They remain strictly speculatory throughout the memo, but call the idea of a Microsoft phone "puzzling," and suggest it would create tension between Microsoft and existing WinMo handset makers.


Now the question is: Will it be a Zune Phone, or merely a Microsoft-branded WinMo handset? [All Things D]