Wilson Rothman, Signing Off

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Today is my last day at Gizmodo. It's with a heavy heart that I bid farewell to all of you amazing readers.


"Readers" is a loose term. You guys read, yes, but you also watch, you follow, you rant and rave, you're fans, you're tipsters, you're sources, subjects, even guest editors. All the formal rules of journalism are ruptured—in reality, you're as much the fuel as you are the fire. Still, if I have to pick a term, the traditionalist in me goes with "readers."

So, yes, dear readers, as some of you already know, I am leaving the Giz posse after three glorious years, off to become the deputy technology and science editor at MSNBC.com.

It's like a time warp. There I was, back in 2007, a freelancer for NYT and Time, thinking about writing a book, when, at Brian Lam's invitation, I stepped into the TARDIS. Since then I've lived 12 lifetimes. It's as fast on the inside as it is on the outside, believe me.

I had a unique position here at Gizmodo—the guy who got to look up from the 60-post-per-day grind and work with most of the staff (not to mention freelancers and guest editors) on features and longer-term projects. It was amazingly rewarding, both the learning and the teaching.

If I sat here and singled out all the staffers, told you how I feel about them individually, it would get super sappy really fast (and Frucci might feel compelled to file a restraining order). But you know as well as I do, this is a special group. I don't know of an institution so fortunate to have such a uniquely first-rate team. I mean that literally: There's not a sloppy second among the Gizmodo crew, they're nobody's castoffs. It's hard work, but I wouldn't entrust it to anybody but the people listed right there on your left.

So I leave, carrying much of my work to a so-called "mainstream" publication. Because let's face it, as amazing as it is to write for you people, you who are so in the loop you often know more about the subject matter of a given story than we do, we need to educate others about technology. We need to carry our conversations farther. So I go, but not without sorrow at having to say goodbye.


If you really miss me (and in some ways I hope you won't), you can always find me on Twitter at @wjrothman.

Cheers to you.