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Let's give a big hoo-hah for our weekly sponsors. Thanks Audi, Circuit City, DICE, Fear 360, Fox Soccer Channel, HD-DVD, Intel, Logitech, Mio, Nokia, Parrot, Pentax, Rockstar Games, SV Supreme Vodka, Shure, Smarthome, Sprint Business, Texas Instruments and Yahoo.

We love our sponsors so much, that we are giving away a Nintendo Wii with their help. Simply complete the following survey. Here is where it gets tricky.


After completing the survey, send us an e-mail to with Survey Giveaway in the subject and the number of total questions in the survey in the body of the e-mail. Make sure you keep track of the questions as you count, it won't tell you in the end or let you go back. Also, be sure to send the contest entry from the same e-mail address you submitted on the final survey page (we won't spam you, don't worry). We will randomly select a winner in a couple days and you will receive a Nintendo Wii once we are able to get our grubby hands on a third one. (We totally need the first two we have, just in case one breaks.)


Update: Screw the number of questions thing. We wanted to make sure that everyone who enters actually took the survey. So just email from the e-mail address that you submitted on the final page of the survey, and we will just verify it that way. Sorry for the stupidity on our part, just trying to keep out the cheaters.