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Corsair is blingin' it with their DOMINATOR line of premium RAM. The price on these gold ram modules is unknown, because they are free! Kind of. Corsair is giving away five gold-plated 2GB DDR2-8888 Dominator memory kits, but they are busting your chops for them. They want a 200-word max essay about "Why I Love Corsair." To enter, e-mail your entry to Winners will be announced on December 1. Here is my entry:

Dear Corsair,
Your ram rox0rs it hardcore porno style. With your ram I pwn n00bs left and right with the AWP. They claim hax and ban me from the server, but it is all because of your ram. Thx for the pwnage. I <3 you.


Travis Hudson

Contest Info (pdf) [Via CrunchGear]