Windows 7 Family Pack Pricing Confirmed at $149

Illustration for article titled Windows 7 Family Pack Pricing Confirmed at $149

In case you're interested in upgrading to Win 7 (you should be, BTW), and want to get the rest of the family in on that action, know that the Windows 7 family pack will offcially cost $149.


The Family Pack upgrade will net you three copies of Home Premium edition for legal consumption—BUT WAIT...there's more! Also know that single license upgrades from Starter to Home Premium will run you about $80, Home Premium to Professional will go for $90, and if you ACT FAST and call in the next FIVE MINUTES (just half the time it takes to upgrade!), going from Professional to Ultimate will cost $140.

These prices are all in the ballpark of what was rumored earlier in the month, though no mention has been made of a pre-release promotional discount. [Cnet via Engadget]



Ok, I'm dumb and the upgrade talk confused me. How much if I want to get a family (3) pack of Professional?