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Windows 7 Hacked (Again) for Keyless Activation

Illustration for article titled Windows 7 Hacked (Again) for Keyless Activation

Lo! Yet another Windows 7 activation hack appears. This one's a little more creative in that it doesn't require an OEM key at all, and instead bypasses the verification DLL completely.


The new hack nullifies sppcompai.dll, and even deactivates all the reminder popups that would otherwise ask you to activate indefinitely. But don't expect the party to last long. This crack closely mirrors an old Vista key workaround, and if Microsoft patched it easily then, they'll patch it easily now.


There's one point to this story I find particularly annoying. According to My Digital Life,

The crack is possible probably due to leniency allowed on the part of Microsoft on [the] activation mechanism to avoid getting too many false-positive or complaint on activation error [sic].

It just sucks that this game will continue. Microsoft obviously wants to make activation as painless as possible, but will probably beef up the security next time to fix these sort of exploits. Like most of you, I'm sick of DRM causing headaches for the ones who legally purchased the software, and developments like this certainly won't help.

And please, let me say this: I love you guys, and I really do love getting emails from readers. But I don't know how to do this hack. I have no idea how the hack specifically works. I don't even have a copy of Windows 7. So please, send me emails about anything else, but not about how to unlock your new copy of Windows 7. Gracias. [My Digital Life via The Register via Ubergizmo]


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okay seriously, now a days....i feel like the only person who legitimately buys things #microsoft