Windows Blue Leak Reveals Snap View Side-by-Side Apps, Different Live Tile Sizes, IE 11

A leaked copy of Microsoft's latest Blue OS—its rumored incremental Windows upgrade—is spreading, and shows an increased focus on personalization including new Live Tile arrangements on the Start Screen, a Snap View for side-by-side apps, and new color choices.


What's referred to as Build 9364 leaked onto file sharing sites earlier today, possibly from a French Microsoft partner, and is a 32-bit Windows 8 edition weighing in at 2.63GB. Windows Blue is part of an effort to bring Windows Phone, Windows Services, Windows 8 and Windows RT updates under one roof and coordinate their releases into a regular, possibly annual, cycle. While the changes seem mostly minor—and won't overcome your inherent mistrust of the Metro format if you weren't sold before—more choice and customization is never a bad thing. [WinForum via The Verge]

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