Windows Mobile 5 Already Does What the iPhone Does

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We were all very excited to hear that the iPhone announcement met all of our wild expectations. Steve Job's reality distortion field was in full effect. But in the ugly, sober light of day, a day later, what do we have? A phone that isn't quite a smartphone? A closed system?

We're going to compare the iPhone to Windows Mobile 5 so you can see that WM can already do everything the iPhone can.


SMS: The iPhone has an iChat-like threaded SMS app. Windows Mobile has it.

Calendar: The iPhone has a calendar that syncs to iCal. Windows Mobile has that with the Missing Sync.

Photos: The iPhone has photo browsing. Windows Mobile has photo browsing.

Camera: The iPhone has a 2-megapixel camera. The Cingular 8525 has a 2-megapixel camera.


Calculator: The iPhone has a calculator. Every phone has a calculator.

Widgets: The iPhone has expandable widgets for Weather and Stocks. WM can install apps that can do Weather and Stocks, not to mention RSS, Skype, Emulation Gaming, hundreds of other things.


Google Maps: The iPhone has Google Maps. WM has Google Maps and Windows Live Search.


Email: The iPhone has rich text email. WM doesn't.

Browser: The iPhone has a full-screen zoomable desktop-like browser. Windows Mobile has Mobile Opera, which isn't full-screen and doesn't zoom.


Music/Video: The iPhone is video iPod. WM has portable Windows Media Player.

Touchscreen with Multi-Finger Gestures: Yeah, WM doesn't do that.

It seems Windows Mobile can match the iPod in pure features for the most part, but lacks some functionality in email, browser, media playback and touch-screen areas.


But you know what? Even though WM has all of these same apps, they're not as usable, not as complete, and generally not as good as Apple's solutions. That's why the iPod "won" the MP3 player race, and that's why the iPhone is going to win over Windows Mobile—not to mention all other smartphones.

And that's why we're ready to drop our Windows Mobile phone for an iPhone any time.


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Opera does have zoom and fullscreen.