Windows Mobile Editions Get Less Confusing Names: Professional, Standard and Classic

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Trying to explain the difference between Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC Edition and Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone edition is like Paris Hilton trying to explain what she does for a living. Good news though, as Microsoft's trying to make it easier on everyone by renaming their WM6 Crossbow editions to Professional, Standard, and Classic.

The current Pocket PC Phone Edition (touchscreen, Mobile Office) is going to be Professional, whereas the current Smartphone (no touchscreen, no Mobile Office), is the Standard, and the current Pocket PC Edition (for PDAs, no calling) will be the Classic. These names still don't really do a good job of describing how one does or does not have touchscreen and other functionality, but it's a lot better than what they had before.


Crossbow Info [Pocketinfo via Crunchgear]

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