Windows Phone 7.8 Is Finally Available for Stranded Lumia Owners

If you got in on Windows Phone early—in which case, bless you, brave one—you may have been a little miffed when you found out that your shiny old Lumia wasn't going qualify for Windows Phone 8. Lucky for you, the next best thing is finally here: Windows Phone 7.8. Here's how to get it.

Okay, so it may be a decent amount of hurry up and wait; the tiny live-tile toting update will be rolling out through February. Still, better late than never, you dozens of proud Lumia 900 owners, you. [Nokia]

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Fragmentation and corporate greed. My mother got a 4s the other day from me. No Ios upgrade, just simple. i let her know its the same old bullshite out there, reboots and shitware, so keep it simple just like her little Mac I keep her on, will it ever be fun for non-total-geeks? Nope.