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Windows Phone 7 Series ROM Spied Running On HTC HD2?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

That luscious HTC HD2, the near-perfect mobile that had it going on in all the right places, save the WinMo 6.5 OS, is seen here doing the impossible: Running a Windows Phone 7 Series ROM. Updated.

I say impossible because the hardware just doesn't support Microsoft's chassis requirements for a Windows Phone 7 (man, that's redundant). The hangup is the hardware, as the HTC HD2 lacks a dedicated Bing search key.


And yet, in this batch of wishful thinking screenshots, we see that some clever Russian hackers have managed to get the HD2 running an early build of Microsoft's upcoming mobile OS overhaul.


The source says that "everything" appears to work just fine. Wifi, GPS, you name it, with the lone exception being the graphics driver. Reportedly that piece of the puzzle is "choppy" at this time.

A beta ROM release is planned, but no word on when. Possibly "soon."

Updated: Now with video "proof:"

[HTCPedia via Redmond Pie - Thanks, Taimur]