A fire extinguisher is only as useful as you're able to easily find it in an emergency. And being stashed under the kitchen sink means there's the risk it's not only hard to access, but might need recharging as well. So Greg Mockett created a camouflaged fire extinguisher shaped like a bottle that can be left on your kitchen counters so it's never out of sight or out of mind.

Greg has turned to Kickstarter to help put his creation into production, which can be camouflaged to look like bottles full of wine, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, or whatever you can think of with custom design options available. The 'neck' of the bottles are actually fake, and are quickly removed with a pull tab revealing a simple spray can mechanism underneath. So not only are the Fier extinguishers easier to grab in an emergency (assuming you know it is there), they're also easier to operate than traditional designs since there's no pin to pull or other less-intuitive instructions. You just point and press like you would with a can of spray paint.

A donation of just $20 is all that's needed to pre-order a Fier extinguisher for your home, with an estimated delivery date of March of next year. As with any Kickstarter that's dependent on Greg raising the $32,000 he's after, and everything going smoothly once production begins. With crowdfunding campaigns that rarely seems to be the case, so a bit of extra patience is recommended if you do decide to donate.

And it goes without saying that if this has finally prompted you to buy an extinguisher for your kitchen, don't wait until this Kickstarter is fully realized. Go buy one now and keep it handy until the Fier finally arrives, no one has ever lamented about having too many extinguishers at home. [Kickstarter - The Wine Bottle Fier Extinguisher]