Wired Keeps Calling Trump 'Someone With Tiny Hands' Due to a Chrome Extension Error

Donald Trump and his tiny hands at a rally in North Carolina (Photo by Sean Rayford/Getty Images, definitely not photoshopped by Gizmodo)

Wired published an embarrassing correction to a story by Jason Tanz about Donald Trump today. Apparently he or his editors had a Chrome extension turned on that changed every mention of “Donald Trump” to “Someone With Tiny Hands.”

But here’s the really funny part: Not only is this not the first time it has happened, there’s still at least one story that hasn’t been corrected.


From Wired this morning:

Correction at 9:58 a.m. on 3/09/2016: Due to an oversight involving a haphazardly-installed Chrome extension during the editing process, the name Donald Trump was erroneously replaced with the phrase “Someone With Tiny Hands” when this story originally published.

Wired hasn’t yet noticed that a story from Monday, titled “Poor Ted Cruz Doesn’t Even Get a Funko Election Figurine” also has every mention of Trump replaced with the phrase “Someone With Tiny Hands.” Emphasis mine.

PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN MERCHANDISE is usually perfunctory at best: T-shirts, buttons, maybe the odd novelty belt buckle. Someone With Tiny Hands has his “Make America Great Again” hats. Bernie Sanders offers “Feel The Bern” mugs. And until recently, Ted Cruz had the nightmare fuel that are the posters of conservative street artist Sabo. But this summer will see another tchotchke to commemorate the indelible 2016 presidential campaign, and it’s fantastic.

Funko, the toy company behind the increasingly popular Pop! vinyl figures, announced Friday that it will release a “Pop The Vote” line featuring three candidates for president: Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Someone With Tiny Hands. (It’s also releasing an intentionally revolting Garbage Pail Kids-themed figures named “Donald Dumpty” and “Billary Hillary.”)


And later in the same story:

Once the company knew it wanted to do something around Sanders, the conversation expanded to include other candidates, ultimately adding Clinton and Someone With Tiny Hands. Robben says that doesn’t reflect the company’s stand on politics—“it’s just which candidates we thought are resonating within popular culture”—and isn’t worried about any of the candidates winning the nomination. “Even if Someone With Tiny Hands or Sanders dropped out of the race tomorrow,” he says, “they’re still going to have fans.”


Not only is every mention of Trump replaced with the phrase “Someone With Tiny Hands,” the tags even make it clear that this wasn’t intentional:

Wired tags on a story about Donald Trump (March 7, 2016)

Let this be a lesson to anyone with silly Chrome extensions installed. Especially if you’re using Cloud to Butt. That could turn into a very embarrassing post on your grandma’s Facebook page.

Update 10:52am: It looks like the Trump story from Monday has now been corrected:

Wired correction about a Trump story from March 7, 2016

Update 11:12am: The top photo of this post has been corrected to show the true size of Donald Trump’s hands.

[h/t Julia Carrie Wong]

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