With a Giant Hammock Bed, Why Would You Ever Get Up?

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Hammocks can be one of the most comfortable places on Earth to rest your head. But climbing in and out of them can be a challenge—a challenge that's made dead easy with this incredibly comfortable-looking Koala 45 bed.

In lieu of a mattress, its sleeping surface is composed of fabric strips stretched taut and interwoven like a basket. So there's no risk of being flipped when you climb in and out. But there's still the occasional gap so you get the feeling you're suspended in mid-air, and you have a handy way to dispose of crumbs. You'll need to contact Stal Collectief, the folks behind its design, if you want to custom order one for yourself. Or, since the simple wooden structure is held together by just 12 bolts, take a crack at building your own cheaper version first.


[Stal Collectief via Fancy]