With A Jet Pack And A Pointy Head, Who Needs Strategy?

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I love this sequence from Radar Men From The Moon, for the surprisingly good special effects as well as the zany logic. The well-hatted thugs have a super-raygun from the Moon, but they still attack Commando Cody with pistols.

Not to mention the fact that Commando Cody has a super flying suit and all sorts of scifi gear — and the element of surprise — but his best idea is to announce his presence, hide behind a big rock, and shoot a regular revolver at the thugs. I also love Krag, the mega-genius from the Moon who relies on dumb henchmen with great hats instead of doing his own dirty work. "I hired you to do anything that's necessary for me to wipe out your entire species!" "Duh, okay."

Later in this ongoing serial, Commando Cody actually flies to the Moon in a sleek rocket with a big fin. A random chick insists on coming along, even though a rocketship's no place for a lady. "But who else is going to cook your meals?" She asks. Sure, that makes sense, they all reply. "I like eatin'," says one of Cody's not-gay sidekicks.