Wolf Claw Devour Keyboard for Gamers

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When attending the next LAN party, why not be the belle of the ball and bring the Wolf Claw Devour gaming keyboard? You may remember the old Wolf Claw II from last year, but the Devour improves upon that design by being actually useful, which is quite a novel idea. Rather than try to cram a full-sized keyboard into some nifty 1337 design, the Wolf Claw Devour is more of a mini keyboard with only the 55 keys necessary for fragging and gold farming included, arranged in a manner that is conducive to those all night endurance raids. There's a splash-proof casing, so you don't have to worry about spilling all those incredibly healthy soft drinks on the keys. The $35 (well, once converted from the keyboard's native Singapore dollars) USB Wolf Claw Devour is only compatible with Windows (98, ME, 2000 and XP), so for the five or so people who play games on a Mac, prepare to be disappointed. Again.

Product Page [Wolf Claw via Everything USB]