Wolverine 2's Japan-Centric Story Already In Motion

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We're going to be seeing Logan's life in Japan a lot sooner than we expected. Hugh Jackman confirmed that he's already got his claws deep into the next Wolverine and a mutton chop Samurai is not far away.

At the Teen Choice Awards, Jackman joked that he'd see if Wolverine could use his surf board trophy, for Best Actor in an Action/Adventure movie, in Japan, where the next film will be set...right now. He later elaborated on the quip to MTV. Apparently they're getting started sooner rather than later as the project is currently in development, and not so far off in the future that Jackman thinks he needs to shy away from talking about it.


Also, I want to reach out to the children — sorry teens — who voted for Wolverine as the Best Action/Adventure Film. Really?

That is all.

Hugh Jackman Offers 'Wolverine 2' Update: 'We're Starting To Work On It Now' [MTV Splash Page]