Wolverine has his own Car now, Because Reasons

How do you make a car fit for everyone's favourite surly Canadian Mutant? Claws. Claws EVERYWHERE.

This Kia Sorento - based on 2016's model apparently, which being someone who knows very little about Cars, I'm going to assume that this car is from the future - has been designed not for retail (sorry, Logan fans) but as a promotion for the Blu-Ray release of X-Men: Days of Future Past. If you thought the front two Claws were egregious, there's also a claw on the back for good measure:


I guess it's a good thing this is just for show, because how on earth would you open the boot of that thing without gouging yourself repeatedly?

Kia will be flaunting the car off at the Australian Open, because I guess nothing says X-Men like golf. Personally, I think Wolverine's had much cooler rides in the past.


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