Woman Arrested for Posting an Undercover Cop's Photo on Facebook

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Melissa Walthall of Mesquite, Texas and her buddy George Pickens have both been charged with the egregious crime of "retaliation" after a Walthall posted the photo of an undercover police officer on Facebook. Not smart!


The Dallas Morning News reports that Walthall was upset that the undercover officer testified against Pickens in a drug case. How did she get her hands on the Facebook photo? It was already on Facebook! After the cop testified against him, Pickens went online, found the photo, and printed up stacks of flyers exposing the officer. According to the Morning News Walthall took a photo of one of the flyers, and posted it to her Facebook profile with the caption,

Anyone know this [expletive]?

No matter what that expletive was, identifying the undercover cop is apparently dangerous enough investigators found Walhall's post to be a a "viable threat to that officer's safety." Remember people: Lock down your Facebook profile and don't post anything stupid because it will get you in trouble. [CBS Houston and The Dallas Morning News]


While I wish the officer's cover wasn't blown and that these people hadn't outed him in such a way, I can't really see how this is illegal. They didn't threaten, physically harm, or slander him. I guess I don't see how this can be illegal - rather, that it isn't free speech - but i'm not an attorney.