After a heated argument over who ought to get dibs on the remote control, a Minneapolis woman decided to drive her point home by stabbing her boyfriend in the gut. Oprah would not approve.

Brittney Love Venton of St. Paul is now charged with second-degree assault and is being held on $50,000 bail. Her boyfriend, Nicholas Smith is in stable condition and is in a local hospital recovering from the stabwound.

Witnesses told police the stabbing stemmed from an argument over a TV remote.

"One person wanted to see one thing, one person wanted to see the other, so she stabbed him in the stomach," said Juanita Luke, who lives in the apartment downstairs from the rental unit where Smith lives. "It was like a movie or a music video. It was between that."

She said she heard a commotion and went up to Smith's apartment, and saw the aftermath of the attack.


Right, so the next time you even think about not letting us finish that new Britney Spears premiere video, remember this: We. Will. Cut. You. [Twin Cities]