Woodshop Class: Where Bolt-Action, Electromagnetic Coil Guns Are Made

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I don't know what kind of school this kid goes to, but I doubt my shop teacher would have allowed me to build an electromagnetic coil gun that can send a round through a soda can.

Aside from the electromagnetics (in a linear electric motor config) and bolt-action which supports a six-round magazine clip, this gun makes use of a multimeter, a few custom switches to turn the weapon on and off, some PVC piping, a scope, and presumably, a battery pack. My favorite part are the fold-down wood legs for those moments when hitting a can with extreme accuracy is imperative.


The actual power of this sniper rifle-inspired gun isn't overwhelming, as it seems on par with (or maybe a bit more powerful than, a bb gun). But the use of electronics and the clever use of wood through out the design give it a DIY allure that I just can't resist. But check out TechEBlog's vid for your self. It's pretty cool. [TechEBlog]