Amazon Instant Video is now available on Android, but what's still missing? Chromecast support. But you can hack it together with a handy (and barebones) app.

Primecast is a $3 app for Android that puts Amazon Instant Video on your Chromecast by scraping Amazon's backend to show you a list of your purchased and rented videos. From there, you can add them to a playlist, which Primecast can then sling to your Chromecast. If you're a Prime subscriber, you can also dig into the Instant Video offerings, but they don't show by default so you have to go hunt them down in the "Browse" menu. A minor annoyance.

The other catch—besides the pretty fair $3 price—is that you have to plug your Amazon credentials into this thing which, as Android Police points out, should terrify you. Also it's only a matter of time before Amazon figures out how to shut this thing off, but it has to be better than just streaming a Chrome tab, and it's definitely cheaper than buying a Fire Stick. [Android Police]