World Cup Tickets Get RFID Security

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GOOOOOOOAL! Who scored? Oh, security scored one on the baddies with the RFID embedded World Cup tickets. Riots have always a concern with big name true football games in Europe. The RFID embedded tickets won't stop riots throughout town, but at any given time the FIFA will know the name, address, birth date, nationality and ID card/passport number of all fans watching the World Cup in 12 different stadiums. At least it will be secure within the stadiums. Get the full security scoop after the jump.

In addition to the RFID tickets, there is also a center based in Berlin that has been and will continute monitoring all World Cup security activity. There will be surveillance camera monitoring throughout the stadiums—including biometric facial recognition. The center will also monitor reports from German police, Interpol and other intelligence services about suspicious activity relating to the World Cup.


Some of the police officers on duty at the games will have fast ID fingerprint scanners. It will scan the fingerprints of a suspect hooligan and match it up against massive databases. Crazy football hooligans will be shut down this year, hopefully.

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