World's biggest ball pit is a sea filled with one million balls of fun

If you're wondering where heaven on Earth is, it's in China. Surprising, I know. But it's undeniable after you see this ginormous pink and green ball pit found at the Kerry Hotel in Shanghai. It's the world's largest ball pit and stretches over 80 feet long and 40 feet wide. The pit is filled with the amazingness of one million plastic balls.

It'll only be heaven on Earth for a second though because once people start diving into this ball pit, dirt, piss, sweat, spit, tears, blood and every single imaginable bodily fluid will taint the beautiful one million ball oasis. But who cares when you're surrounded by the gravity of plastic orbs.


The ball pit was created by emptying out the Kerry Hotel's pool and was made to help raise awareness for breast cancer in China. Over 300 recovering cancer patients dove in on October 30th to break the Guinness World Records of largest ball pit ever. I got next. You can see more pictures of the ball pit at MyModernMet.

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