World's First Dual-SIM WIndows Mobile Phone Keeps Girlfriends and Wives Separate

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Dual-SIM phones that let you have your phone be simultaneously on two GSM networks are nothing new, but until now they've been on regular phones. This makes no sense. Who needs two phones? Businessmen. And businessmen need phones that scream "I AM A BUSINESSMAN!" Few do that better than Windows Mobile, and these W1000 and G1000 Windows Mobile phones from HKC accomplish the job quite nicely.

The two models differ mostly in the fact that the W1000 is CDMA and GSM while the G1000 is dual GSM. Other than this, they both have a 200MHz CPU, 256MB RAM, a 2.8-inch touchscreen and Windows Mobile 6. It's available right now in Asia, but it'll take a bit of finagling to get one for yourself here. [Unwired View via Slashphone]

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Dual Sim Phone let you get two calls simultaneously

Dual SIM phone indicates that one cell phone with two SIM card slots,and you can receive

two calls simultaneously(namely dual standby).People are always pesky in taking two cell phones when on business trip.Now,dual SIM phones have solved this issue,you don't have to take two cell phones beside you,unnecessary to switch between two sim cards,it is rather

easy and convenient for you to receive two calls from two different countries at one time,that saves your much time and energy,more importantly,your peer never get message "Sorry,you dialed number is busy now,please try later" and get you through instantly.