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World's Largest Cruise Ship Let the Suburbs Travel With You

Illustration for article titled Worlds Largest Cruise Ship Let the Suburbs Travel With You

Royal Caribbean's new boat is big. Really big. The "Project Genesis" cruise liner, currently being constructed, will be 43% larger than the Queen Mary II, currently the world's largest ship. 1,180 feet long and weighing 220,000 tons, it'll be able to carry more people from New Jersey down to the Caribbean than any ship before it.


5,400 people, to be exact. The ship is so large that it has a "Central Park" the size of a football field in the middle, its own gigantic amphitheatre, and seven different "neighborhoods" that people will stay on. This thing is larger than an aircraft carrier, people. It's f'ing huge.

It's due to launch next year, and in 2010 a second ship of the same size will be unleashed as well. I will be staying far away from both of them. [Official Site via Boing Boing Gadgets]

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@graphx: Funny, the company that put earlier renders of the same ship together caught some heat as they used pix of the chicks from "The Hills" on MTV. Link: