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Measuring in at a measly 27 x 15-ft, this projection system requires 20 networked PCs with multiple graphics cards just to process the 60 million pixel display. Just for comparison, those ultra clear HDTVs you've been watching are only around 2.07 million pixels.

It uses an algorithm to break the video down into 80 smaller sections and then the computers blend the images together so that they appear as one giant seamless display.


And if that wasn't enough to get your techy shorts bunched up, it sucks down 30,000 watts (So take that all you environmentalist PS3 haters, you've got a new fish to fry). However I doubt anyone that can afford this TV will be worrying about the electric bill, since it will set you back about $100,000. Not bad compared to the tiny 103-inch Panasonic plasma that goes for $69,999.95.

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