World's Most Useful Robot Prints and Immediately Burns Trump's Tweets

Image: @burnedyourtweet

The one consistent hallmark of our pissboy president’s two-month-long paranoid sitcom is his habit of retreating to Twitter to inflict his delusions on the rest of us. The diminishing returns of tweeting “fuck you” at the man several times are apparent. But, as with most jobs, incendiary responses to our least capable POTUS are being automated.


@BurnedYourTweet is a robot and a Twitter account which prints and immediately sets fire to Trump’s 140-ravings. It films itself spitting out POTUS’s groundless accusations and whimpering loser bullshit onto what looks like receipt paper, sheers them off with scissors, sets them aflame, and gingerly drops the burning embers into an ashtray. The resulting video is then tweeted at Trump himself.

For instance, here’s Trump two hours ago insulting reporters while demanding something asinine from them:


Now here’s that tweet being set alight by a snarky robot:

Here’s the tweet prior to that one, where this utter numbskull celebrated the signing of an executive order that he hopes will bring back coal-based energy (it won’t):


And here, for our catharsis and entertainment, is a video of that tweet burning, directed at a man whose ability to make deals rivals his ability to take criticism:


BurnedYourTweet appears to be performing this great service to our nation automatically, so for your own sanity, unfollow the president—his ravings are better enjoyed in this format instead.



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Another fucking robot taking a job away from Americans..