World's Smallest Flash Drive Makes It Even Easier To Misplace 16GBs

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I find it ironic that the company who now holds the record for world's smallest flash drive is in the business of promotional trade show tchotchkes. Because there's absolutely no room to brand this drive except for a hanging tag.


Deonet will slap your company's logo or URL on a variety of giveaway items, but not on this minuscule new flash drive—at least not without including a branded magnifying glass. Measuring just 0.77 by 0.57 inches, and a mere 0.11 inches thick, the drive is able to be so small thanks to the Micro UDP chip approach. UDP stands for 'USB Disk In Package' and basically saves space by baking all of the electronics into a single moulded plastic drive. So the included tethered tag is the only place a logo could go.

When inserted into a USB port the drive becomes almost invisible, letting you add 4, 8, or 16GB of extra storage to a laptop when they're introduced early next year. Pricing hasn't been announced yet, but who pays for flash drives these days? That's what trade shows are for. [Deonet via Gizmag]



Why wait? Pick up a LaCie MosKeyTo. Nearly as tiny (Definitely small enough), available now and likely cheaper. Also won't plug in upside down like the Deonet. I have an ultrathin PNY one that's similar, always wind up putting it in upside down.


I use one of these for my car stereo. Plug it in and it's almost indistinguishable from the rest of the stereo.