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World's Smallest Micro-Camcorder Makes Your Voyeuristic Pleasure Its Command

Illustration for article titled Worlds Smallest Micro-Camcorder Makes Your Voyeuristic Pleasure Its Command

We're not exactly sure what kind of evidence you'll be gathering with this so-called "world's smallest" micro camcorder. But whatever that is, you'd better get 'er done in two hours, because that's how long its battery lasts. You can see how tiny this thing is—small enough to literally pull out of your ass—but despite its Lilliputian size it can hold 33 hours of video on a 1GB SD memory card. One more animated pic after the jumpage.


The tiny camcorder uses the 3GP format, usually associated with cellphone video. The seller's not saying what the resolution is, but we'd be surprised if it were any bigger than 320x240. We do know it's going to give you the somewhat herky-jerky 15 frames per second frame rate.


Why not just surreptitiously shoot some video with your cellphone? Oh yeah, that phone would be a bit bigger than a pack of gum. One thing's for sure, if your cellphone costs $295 like this little trinket does, at least the phone would give you a few more features than just shooting crappy-looking video. [Spy Gadgets]

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15FPS for 33 hours = 1,782,000 Frames

1GB = 1,000,000 KB

1,000,000 / 1,782,000 = 0.56KB per frame.

Which is a hell of a lot less than, say, our avatars on gizmodo (max 60K i think)

Basically you're looking at getting about 24 X 24, or a picture about as big as this:



Someone please correct me if my math is FU