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Worst Superheroic Sex Role Play EVER!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Third-tier superhero The Hotness finally gets lucky with a super-groupie... but she wants to roleplay being rescued, in this bizarrely funny scene from No Heroics, the new ITV superhero sitcom which aired last night in Britain. The really funny part about this scene is that you can sort of relate to the horror of trying to role-play your real-life job in bed. No Heroics turns out to be much more about work, and specifically the absurd nastiness of working in the entertainment industry, than anything else. Most superhero movies these days are absurdly focused on the hero's personal struggle, to do the right thing or vanquish a bad guy who used to be the hero's friend or whatever. The costumes and powers are secondary to the heroic travails. But No Heroics is probably way closer to the reality of superhero life: it's really all about the costumes and the glitz and the fame, and it's a huge status chase. The heroes hang out in their bar and compete to see who gets on television the most (there's a giant chalkboard), and the Excelsor (the super-dick whose image is tattooed on Vicci the groupie's thigh) rules the roost, torturing everyone else along with his snickering clique of sycophants. The whole thing reminds me of Warren Ellis' Nextwave mixed with Giffen and Dematteis' Justice League. With a healthy dose of Tom Sharpe, especially Wilt. Probably the funniest bit, apart from the clip above, is the part where the super-strong She-Force is beating up a bobble-head supervillain while getting dumped over the phone. The supervillain keeps giving her advice: "You sound needy! You shouldn't have put out." And then it turns out that She-Force's date with this guy consisted of "pizza and a handjob." And yes, almost all the humor in No Heroics is on the level of teen sex comedy jokes, which totally works for me, especially when it's mixed with career angst on the part of a group of D-grade superhero wannabes.