Would a 1 Gbps Internet Connection Stop You From Saying Comcastic?

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Comcast is such a tease. The cable internet provider set up an 11-mile gigabit network that can download 23 episodes of 30 Rock in less than two minutes. Exciting? You betcha. Coming soon to your home? Probably not.

This 1 Gbps network was used for a live demonstration at The Cable Show Conference being held this week in Chicago, IL. Comcast CEO Brian Roberts led the impressive demonstration (at 14:00 into the clip above), but would not say when this technology would be piped into customer's homes. He promised that Comcast would "keep up the pace as the internet continues to evolve", but without a timeframe, that could be next year or 2020. [Comcast Voices Via GigaOm and Engadget]