Would You Ditch Cable For Hulu?

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The Hulu Desktop app has been a welcome addition to my HTPC experience—and it is looking more and more like I will be ditching or downgrading my satellite service at the end of the year.


According to the poll I ran earlier this week, it seems that you guys are also poised to make a break from your cable service. It seems pretty clear that this sort of technology is what the future holds for television, but do cable providers have anything to worry about right now? Do you plan on ditching cable for online content like Hulu?



If I ditch cable, then I won't have internet access anymore, so no.

Technically I can pay the cable company to only give me internet but not TV, but the markup on Internet-only service is roughly the same price as basic cable so you'd have to really, REALLY hate TV to take them up on that.