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Would You Live In NBC's Midnight, Texas, a Town Filled With Were-Tigers, Demons, and Witches?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Welcome to Midnight, Texas, a town where were-tigers, vampires, and witches live side by side in their small, dusty town just trying to make a modest living while also fighting the oncoming forces of hell. Now ask yourself: would you wanna live in Midnight?

Based on True Blood author Charlaine Harris’ Midnight, Texas trilogy, the upcoming NBC series tells the story of Manfred Bernardo (François Arnaud), a medium who moves to the spooky town at the suggestion of his recently deceased grandmother, who he can still see. Soon after arriving, Manfred begins to realize that he isn’t the only supernatural being living in Texas and at first, things seem pretty chill.


There’s Strong Joe, the town’s literal guardian angel who lives in a lovely home with his husband Chuy and their dog Rasta. Also—Fiji Cavanaugh, a local waitress who moonlights as a powerful witch when she’s off the clock. As whimsical and fun as Midnight initially seems, though, Bernardo soon encounters the other side of Midnight—malevolent ghosts, blood-sucking demons, a traditional Charlaine Harris type of crowd.

In the latest look at what to expect from Midnight, Texas’ first season, the cast of the show sits down to ponder whether they’d ever consider moving to a place like Midnight. While their answers range from emphatically yes to absolutely no, the new footage from the show makes it clear that in the event that you’re ever offered the chance to even visit Midnight, you’d better bring along some weapons and holy water for protection.

Midnight, Texas premieres July 24 on NBC.