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Would You Pay $2,400 for a Laser Bong?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If there is a God and he is indeed omniscient, it is also true that he foresaw the human race’s ability to create a great many things that would change the world, improve the overall quality of life here on Earth, and maybe even one day move beyond it. I can’t help but wonder what the hell he would make of this $2,400 laser bong.

On Friday, Motherboard reported on the bong it called “so advanced that it will probably take NASA scientists decades before they’re able to replicate it.” The device—which I’m told is used to smoke weed—is made by San Francisco-based startup Silicon Cali, which describes the B-LAZE LaserBong as its “flagship product.” The bong uses a “2W, 445Nm frequency laser” to burn weed and reportedly requires special protective eyewear during use.


A video shared to Instagram in January set to the Rick and Morty theme music shows the bong’s “unique and disruptive design” in action. Per Motherboard:

This is about 400 times more powerful than the average laser pointer, which has an output of about five milliwatts. Silicon Cali even sells special glasses that are meant to protect your eyes while looking directly at the laser when you take a hit.


Silicon Cali founder Justin Zelaya told Motherboard in an email that the laser isn’t “dangerous,” and added: “It may sting a little bit if you get your hand in the way but kind of like a magnifying glass.”

Zelaya said that the bong’s market varies from “Bitcoin core developer” to “mad scientist, like myself.” So that Rick and Morty theme music makes more sense in this context.

The bong is one of 45 of its kind, according to Silicon Cali’s site. Again, it’s $2,400—but also lasers.