Geneva, maker of very pretty but expensive rectangles that pump out sweet sound, has a radio that costs 300 bucks. To be fair, the Geneva WorldRadio is a little more than just a radio, it has a Bluetooth receiver, touch controls, alarm cock and a headphone jack (along with its FM tuner). So that makes it a lot more like a Jambox than the dusty alarm clock from the early 90's on your bedstand.


But still. Why call it a radio? I wouldn't even spend 3 bucks on a radio, let alone 300. If you ignore the uselessness of the FM tuner and it calling itself a radio for perverted nostalgic reasons, I'm sure you could justify the cost. If all you see is a freaking radio, well, keep those hunnids in your wallet and get a Jambox.

The Geneva WorldRadio features a high-performance audio system that plays mid and high frequencies with absolute accuracy, and produces warm, rich bass below 80Hz. It has a digital color display with touch controls, digital FM tuner, Bluetooth receiver, and alarm clock. Other audio sources can be connected via the 3.5 mm line input. The rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery provides more than 5 hours of music playback.


It's available in black, red and silver. $300 [Geneva Lab via Uncrate]

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