Wow, A Guy Plummeted 40MPH off a 1,000 Foot Cliff and Survived

Don't watch this video. No, seriously, it's really rough. The best thing is that Matthew Gough, the guy who plummets while base jumping, actually survived the fall with only minor injuries. He hit the ground at 40mph from a 1,000 foot cliff because his parachute malfunctioned. The footage is taken from his helmet cam.

Daredevil Matthew Gough was base jumping in Lake Garda, Italy when his parachute opened backwards and got twisted and tangled. He floated for a moment and then smashed into the rocks and came tumbling down to the ground. It's absolutely brutal to watch.

You think there's absolutely no chance of survival but Gough, who has performed over 180 base jumps, only had minor injuries to his knees and ankles. He spent a short stint at the hospital and went home. He said:

"Due to the twists I couldn’t control it, I did the best I could with the situation and tried to avoid the cliff but I didn't have the time or the space to avoid the impact.

When I impacted the first time I started spinning which made the situation worse, the parachute twisted even more before going into a dive and then spiralled towards the ground while I was smashing against the cliff."


On the way down, he managed to avoid smashing into some metal spikes too. Incredibly lucky to have avoided any long term injury or death. [SWNS, Digg Videos, Huffington Post]

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Bummer, base jumping is dangerous, who knew!? LOL. Seriously though, it wasnt hard to watch, you put yourself in harms way and you have to pay the price sometimes.