Woz and Kathy Griffin NOTMAYBE Hooked Up?

[UPDATE: I took a pass, noting inconsistencies. - B.L.]Turns out the rumor of Kathy Griffin fondling Woz's apples were a bit off, according to Adario Strange. He's proudly skeptical of the whole thing, pointing to a Page Six post that he claims says the two have never met. But reading the Page Six page actually says the contrary. Adario, which is it?


Did Page Six swap the text on you, or did you not read carefully enough? We'll update when things clear up.

And if you thought the idea of Kathy Griffin getting ahold of Woz's personal D List was weird, take a look at this video of Apple's co-founder in a Datsun 280-ZX in the early '80s. As a fan of the Z, we can see why Woz did it. [Wired]

Update: Adario gives us this explanation in an email:

The Post never referenced the Contact Music report, it just reported that the two 'planned' to meet at some point. But if you look at the Contact Music report that everyone linked to it sounds like they are already dating when, according to their PR people, the two haven't even met.

It still doesn't really clear things up.

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