Hyperloop week! And as if that wasn't exciting enough, plenty of other things went out of their ways to happen to. Area 51 is declassified! Google's DNS server had a freakout! We found out about carrots and Nazis and lying! Woz saw Jobs! Check it out! Right now! Ahhhh!

I Quit Cable 2.5 Years Ago. Here's Why I Came Back.

It's been two and a half years since I last paid for cable television. The other week I decided to get back on the wagon.

How Apple Is Changing Its Definition of "Pro"

In recent years, many pros have started feeling like Apple’s jilted girlfriend. Through no fault of their own, the love just seemed to fade.

You've Been Lied to About Carrots Your Whole Life Because of Nazis

You've probably heard the myth that eating lots of carrots will magically improve your vision. The bad news is that it's a total lie. The good news? It's one that helped the Allies defeat the Nazis.

How the Xbox One Console Was Designed to Be an Everything Machine

As the dust settled over the new Xbox One this summer, one point that kept coming up—maybe predictably—was size: The console is surprisingly chunky. Just chunky enough to make you wonder whether its wide berth isn’t a hint at what Microsoft's engineers were hiding in there—and what it could reveal about their intentions for future generations of Xbox. We put the question to Leo del Castillo, Xbox's General Manager of Console Development, yesterday afternoon.

Hyperloop Alpha: This Could Change Transit Forever


Inventor-entrepreneur-mad-scientist Elon Musk just released an alpha design of his vision for the future of high-speed transit. This is our first look at Hyperloop. After teasing the concept for months, we're finally going to be able to figure out if this is a fantasy—or the beginning of our new reality.

Why Your Internet Connection Just Had a Freakout (And How to Fix It)

There's a chance your internet connection just fritzed out for 20 minutes or so and didn't let you load any webpages. If you were paying attention, though, you'd have seen that other services, like your chatrooms or a Twitter client, kept working just fine—you just couldn't send any data out. That's because there was a hiccup with Google's DNS servers. Here's exactly what happened, and how to fix it.

iPhone 5c Rumor Roundup: Everything We Think We Know

With Apple's next big iPhone event right around the corner, the rumor mill is churning at full speed. On September 10th, we'll know if Cupertino's nextcbig thing really is the long-fabled "budget iPhone." For the moment, it's still anyone's guess, but here's everything we think we know about the elusive iPhone 5c.

Jobs, Reviewed by Steve Wozniak

In the discussion section of our Jobs review, Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak weighed in with his own impressions of the movie—and how he and others were portrayed. What follows is Woz's unedited take on Jobs.

US Government Finally Admits: Yes, Area 51 Exists

It's a good day to be a conspiracy theorist.Ending a decades-long game of leak after leak without any official word, the US government has finally admitted the existence of Area 51 in a recently declassified CIA report detailing the history of the U-2.

We Need More Ideas as Crazy as Hyperloop

You know why I didn't like Elon Musk a few years ago? Because of PayPal. Because he seemed like a dilettante. Yet another Valley guy who was ignoring all the hard work and ingenuity that had gone into systems like infrastructure and space travel for the last fifty years; another nerd who thought every system was as mutable as a computer. I was wrong.