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Wrapsol Ultra Film Protects Phones When They're Dragged Behind a Car at 35 MPH

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The makers of Wrapsol Ultra adhesive film wanted to prove how well their product protects gadgets. So they took an innocent Nokia, wrapped it up like a sandwich, and dragged it behind a car at 35 miles per hour. Ouch.

The Wrapsol adhesive film is priced from $25, and while probably not intended for what's shown in the video, can supposedly handle six foot drops.


Of course, no one's showing us a six-foot fall. Instead we're to believe that the film has magical shock-absorbtion abilities based on little bounces against concrete. I'd have an easier time believing this whole thing if someone had made it a point to show that the abused phone is completely functional and not just scratch-free. And dropped it from six feet up. [SlashGear]