Wrist-Mounted Camera: GoPro Digital Hero

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You might think you're some kind of a digital hero but you'll really be a super geek when you wear this waterproof wrist-mounted GoPro Digital Hero Camera, which purports to make it easy to shoot photos and video during your favorite activities. Nice, as long as those activities don't include anything having to do with women.


It's shockproof and even works when it's 30 feet underwater, weighs less than 3 ounces and looks like it could take a hell of a beating. It has a 640x480 digital still camera inside, and can shoot 320x240 video as well. Unfortunately, it has just 32MB of flash memory, and there's no slot for external memory cards.

You lock it down as flat as possible against your wrist when you're not using it, and when you want to take a picture, just swivel it up in a perpendicular position and you're ready to shoot. At least take it off when you go out to dinner. It's $79.95.

Product page [GoPro, via Travelizmo]



It's waterproof to 30 feet, and the publicity image shows a photo of a race car?