WSJ: iPhone 5 Will Use Super-Thin Screen Technology

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There are plenty of iPhone rumors floating around, hinting at everything from a bigger screen to NFC capability. Now, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the next iPhone will feature new screen technology to keep it slim.


The current iPhone 4S screen is made up of three layers: the LCD, capacitive sensors, and finally a sheet of glass. However, the WSJ reports that Apple is planning to use a new manufacturing process for the screen of the next iPhone. The article suggests that the new screen will integrate the touch sensors into the LCD, in turn reducing the overall thickness and weight and slightly improving image quality. The report goes on to suggest that LCD makers Sharp and Japan Display are already mass producing the panels.

If the rumor's accurate, it's a small but important tweak. If Apple does opt to launch a larger iPhone, a thinner screen like this would shave off a little weight—something that Apple may try and do across a range of components to make sure that the device doesn't get too heavy. Of course, there's no telling how accurate the report is until Apple announces the new device later in the year, and you can expect plenty more rumors to circulate before then. [WSJ via The Verge]